Maca Cacao Powder by Incaliving | 100% USDA Organic | 100% Gelatinized | Incan Superfood

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  • PERUVIAN SUPERFOOD | Studies have shown that MACA contains a natural substance called PhytoEstrogens. PhytoEstrogens can help reduce hot flashes, depression, osteoporosis and also increase and sustain energy levels.
  • 100% GELATINIZED MACA | Gelatinization is an ancient Inca method of “lightly cooking” the root by pressure for two seconds to breakdown the starches and get rid of the toxic enzymes of the Maca. This process makes the Maca 99.9% digestible, while preserving ALL of its nutritional value!
  • TRANSPORTED BY PLANE FROM PERU! | Shipped by plane to preserve the highest freshness and potency of the product. This is extremely important now days with so many Chinese companies trying to monopolize the Maca market with low quality knock offs. Incaliving imports directly from our Maca’s source at 15,000 ft in the Andes in Junin, Peru
  • SUNDRIED ROOTS | Roots are sun dried for 2 months prior to pulverization for Premium Quality and Superb taste!
  • ENJOY MACA AND CACAO POWDER TOGETHER! | USDA Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo Friendly, GMO Free. Jar is BPA Free.

AUTHENTIC PERUVIAN MACA. plus Peruvian Cacao powder.

In stock (can be backordered)


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