Living Clay Products

Living Clay Powder is a natural, pure calcium bentonite clay. Safely detox your body inside and out with 9.7pH Living Clay® and enjoy the soaps and cosmetics in our product line.

Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray

This product provides optimum support for your body's own natural repair and renewal system. Taken sublingually, Stem Cell Worx spray has up to 95% absorption rate.

The K1 Whole Body Vibration Machine

Discover how you can safely and effectively exercise your whole body in just 10 minutes right at home. Click on this image for a full list of health benefits by using the K1 every day.

Vitamix VITA-PREP 3® Blender

Built to last with superior engineering since 1949, Vitamix deliver years of reliable
performance. The powerful 3 horsepower Prep3 can handle all your blender needs.

EvolutionRO1000 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Appliance

Give your family the convenience and assurance of knowing you are drinking clean pure
water that is safe and plentiful. Evolution delivers up to 1000 GPD with no storage tank

IncaLiving Organic Peruvian Maca

Maca energizes, rejuvenates, increases libido and brain power. Grown at high elevations,
IncaLiving combines Red, Black and Gold Macas for optimal health benefits of 3 varieties.

New Earth Dynamics’ Restore

Restore promotes cellular communication and stem cell activation in the colon.
Restore is anti-inflammatory, boosts the immune system and reduces leaky gut.

Tribest Greenstar Juicer

The Greenstar unique design uses slow moving magnetic gears to grind fruits,
nuts and vegetables at very low temperature while retaining valuable nutrients.

iMRS 2000 Magnetic Pulse Therapy

The iMRS 2000 intelligent wellness system uses earth based Tesla-Schumann and brain state frequencies incorporating NASA's proven square wave for healing and regeneration.

Health Mate Far Infrared Saunas  -  Call Us For Special Pricing

The healing properties of far infrared therapy are well documented. Health Mate saunas
offer great quality and features at discount prices. Experience the benefits of far infrared.

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